Get the Crap out of your Gut!



Heal Your Gut Ever since I started having trouble with my adrenals 3 years ago, I’ve been on a detox kick. I changed my diet by cutting out gluten, as well as most dairy and sugar (something I would have never been able to do without a LOT of tapping), and I also steer clear of GMO foods. I am NO WAY paleo! I enjoy carbs like rice, fruit and corn (I live in Mexico, where the corn is non-GMO) but I did start to eat more protein and good quality fat. And what’s funny is, after all the tapping I’ve done, that’s really what my body wants when I check in with her. Last year I had an interesting experience at a doctor’s visit. After looking at me he told me that he thought I had a ‘leaky gut’. I’d vaguely heard of this before but didn’t really know much about it so I made it my business to research it thoroughly. I’ve been focused on healing my gut ever since and it’s completely changing my health, my energy levels, and my mood. I decided to share this information in case this is something that’s affecting your weight and overall health and vitality. I am NOT a trained dietician but after years of my own study for health issues I know tons about the importance of good nutrition and how improving your gut health can actually help you lose weight. Hippocrates said “all disease begins in the gut” and scientists are only just beginning to understand how right he was and how what goes on in our gut dictates our overall and wellbeing. Here are some basics on leaky gut syndrome. If they resonate with you I encourage you to investigate further and consult a professional if necessary. You may find this is something that’s still a little off the ‘traditional’ medicine radar but that’s rapidly changing. So... what is ‘leaky gut syndrome’? The human gut is truly amazing! It’s full of trillions (seriously!) of incredible microorganisms which, among other things regulate the gastrointestinal system and play a key role in our immunity to diseases and infection. The gut also acts as an intelligent barrier to keep the stuff your body doesn’t need out of your system by way of excretion. BUT this great system goes wrong when the gut becomes permeable – or leaky – and molecules that are supposed to be pooped out of your body wind up in your bloodstream. And why is that bad? Because the body’s immune system kicks in when it identifies these foreign substances and a cycle of inflammation (which is at the core of most disease) and impaired immune function follows. It sounds really gross. Who gets it? Well, me for one, and quite possibly you. You may experience symptoms like bloating, gas and indigestion but can also manifest in many forms such as depression, fatigue, skin conditions, joint pain, autoimmune diseases and more. And how the heck do you catch it?! An unhealthy gut develops over time due to a number of common factors all too common in modern lifestyles...

  • chronic stress
  • diets low in fiber and high in refined carbs and sugar
  • antibiotics
  • food intolerances – particularly to gluten and some industrially produced foods
  • chronic infections
  • environmental toxins
Can you fix it? Yes! That’s the good news, but it does take time and attention. Most approaches start with a detox diet aimed at eliminating all toxins in your gut. I recently started taking food grade diatomaceous earth (known as DE) and my results have been amazing! I love it because it’s easy AND cheap. DE comes in the form of a fine powder made up of tiny little fossils that basically scrub your intestines clean. I mix one teaspoon into a smoothie every morning and evening and since I’ve been taking it my energy has gone through the roof! Make sure to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins, and if you can get a colonic, even better. Just make sure it’s “food grade” DE – the coarser stuff is used in swimming pools! Once you’re done detoxing, about 6-8 weeks, introduce probiotics to your diet which will help repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria. I really like Garden of Life for women. As well as supplements and a diet excluding allergens, it’s essential to deal with stress which can exacerbate symptoms. Make a conscious effort to slow right down every time you eat...take time to enjoy and savor your food…pay attention to how your body is receiving what you are putting into it...chew thoroughly...and breathe! :-) I hope that this has been helpful. To your vibrant health! Hugs, Brit xox