Brittany Watkins Brittany Watkins

My Story

At the age of 15, I came home from school to find all of my belongings on the front porch with a note that said, “You no longer live here." That was when my weight struggle began. I shuffled around from friend's house to friend's house until their parents started asking questions.

“Doesn't she have a family?" “Where are her parents?" “How long does she plan on staying with us?"

That last one would be my signal to hit the road again. I didn't want to impose, and my family life was too complicated to explain.

Before and After Before and After

Being on your own at a young age does something to you…it forces you to grow up quickly, develop serious survival instincts, and learn to be “emotionally independent." Lacking a consistent pillow to lay my head on at night, I knew I had to do something fast…so I put on my game face and figured out how to survive on my own. I found an apartment, a job and enrolled myself in home study.

Despite my warrior facade, at night the pain would hit me. I felt rejected, unloved, abandoned, and lonely. I was just a little girl and had no one to depend on. So, in order to cope with the emptiness, I tried to “fill myself" with love—and began to overeat.

Of course I didn't want to be overweight, but I couldn't control myself. So I started working out obsessively. I binged at night, trying to fill the void that was my broken heart. Then I would wake up in the morning, disgusted with myself, and hit the gym.

I established a routine: Wake up guilt-ridden from the previous night's binge and vow that today would be different, the start of a new, healthy me. I would dive head-first into the big new diet, a new workout program, any and every quick solution du jour that promised to make me look like a supermodel and make all my problems disappear.

Of course, nothing worked.

Diet after diet, binge after binge…none offered permanent results. There were fleeting moments of success—after all, you can't eat just cabbage soup for three weeks and not lose weight. But the emotional urges that tortured me at night would always return, along with the weight.

Geneen Roth's book “When Food is Love" was the first thing I discovered that helped me understand why I couldn't control myself around food, but it didn't offer a solution. There were a myriad workbooks and questions to reflect on, but regardless of how introspective I got and how hard I applied myself, when that craving hit I just couldn't walk away from the only thing that made me feel safe.

The fact that this passion brings peace, happiness and self-love to so many other people, as it did for me, constantly encourages me to spread the love farther and wider

Enter EFT

In the early ’90s, my therapist Steven Kessler MFT (who is the only reason I am not holed up in a halfway house in East Los Angeles, bless his soul) attended a seminar where he was introduced to a cutting-edge technique called EFT. He thought it might be immediately effective in addressing my emotional eating disorder.

He said, “This stuff may seem a bit woo-woo but it's proven to have tremendous efficacy. I'd like to try it on you." Of course, I was game—I'd try anything to heal ten years of eating disorder hell.

Brittany Watkins

So we tried it, and it worked. We tested it on my recollection of arriving home to my belongings on the front porch, and five minutes later, I was laughing about a memory that would typically unfailingly bring me to tears.

I learned the process so I could apply it to myself, in any situation that conjured up anxiety—when I was feeling lonely at night, when I was anxious about a test, when I got a craving for chocolate…

My life started to change

Issues I had been struggling with in therapy for years resolved within a few days. I overcame my life long battle with depression and anxiety, my cravings started to fade away and I even made peace with my family.

I also started making huge advances in my career. I became one of the highest-paid executives at a large, national bank. I bought myself a brand new car and a home on a golf course.

Then the real estate bubble burst and so did my inflated bank account.

I decided I wanted to do something to make a difference in the world.

I no longer wanted to sell something just for the sake of a paycheck. I wanted to do something that came from a place of love that I had discovered within myself.

So I started working with my friends using EFT. Do you know when you are excited about something you try to work it into any conversation? That was me. I couldn’t stop talking about Tapping.

In a few months, my friends started getting results as I did. I even began taking paying clients.

I was helping people overcome all kinds of issues, but something just kept bothering me.

While EFT worked for generic issues…

It wasn’t working for my most important issues…

What I wanted more than ANYTHING was to

  • Stop eating emotionally
  • Finally, stop yo-yo dieting
  • Stop eating when I knew I wasn't hungry
  • And STOP sabotaging myself - I’d put the weight right back on the second I noticed ANY results!

It was so frustrating, EFT worked for basically everything else in my life… just not the weight.

So I decided to start experimenting.

I tried so many different things.

I treated myself like a human science experiment.

I signed up for every class I could find. I became a master NLP practitioner TWICE, a certified Rapid Eye Movement Technician, I read over 400 books on psychology and the study of the mind - I trained in hypnosis, regression therapy, shamanic soul retrieval, inner child therapy, I even hooked myself up to machines to scan my brain.

I was on a mission, and somewhere deep inside, I felt called… like I KNEW I was going to solve it, I just didn't know how yet.

After a decade of working with regular EFT in therapy and STILL struggling with my weight and emotional eating, I decided there HAD to be a different way.

And so, I started asking my angels for help…

It took another 5 years of asking, struggling, and experimenting but one day, right before I was about to binge on a chocolate bar…

I received a download that changed my life forever.

I heard a voice that said:

“Stop the behavior and see what happens…”

I began receiving step-by-step instructions...

I couldn’t write it down fast enough.

It was a completely new technique that combined ALL the modalities I’d been ferociously studying over the past 15 years...

And just a few minutes later, when I was done,

I looked down at the chocolate bar that I was salivating over 10 minutes before, pushed it away, and didn't feel deprived.

Brittany Watkins

That was the birth of Echo Tapping™…. a technique that stops any addictive urge in a few minutes.

To date, I’ve helped over 100,000 women End emotional eating permanently. My work is not for everyone, it’s INTENSE.

I talk about things like sexual abuse, anger, insecurity, boundary violation, and other topics that make MOST teachers very uncomfortable.

To me, this is where the magic happens, my motto is: “10 years of therapy, in just a few sessions”. I'm always looking for a faster, better way for inner growth.

And to you, as my student (or potential student), I bow to you… I can show you my deepest most transformational tools, but YOU, have to be the one to use them. You are braver than you know and I salute you with the highest part of my soul. 🙏

Lots of love,